About Me, Soraya

I’ve lived in Andalusia since 1994 so it really is my home and I absolutely love it! For a long time now I’ve thought about how wonderful this land is, and yet how difficult it is for visitors to get to see all the best Soraya Gwynne-Evans

spots in a way that they enjoy.

There’s so much research needed to really get the best out of the country, especially if you don’t know your way around, yet for me that’s easy. And I love helping other people to enjoy themselves.

I’m a fan of individualised travel so wanted to set something up that was much more personal than a normal group situation. The kind of holiday that I’d enjoy myself, so that it feels like you’re staying with friends who know the area and can guide you yet you can also be flexible and change plans whenever you want, to suit the moment better.

I hate organised, over-planned trips. I like to meet people, absorb the culture, the scenery and the atmosphere and go with the flow. And so I got to thinking and I thought: it would be much more fun to go abroad and meet new people who had things in common and share our life beliefs, our stories and our time while at the same time seeing the foreign country.

So the concept of Explore Andalusia has nothing to do with a traditional holiday concept. It’s more about a meeting of souls and digesting the highlights of the area in a chilled way in whatever way you prefer once you’re here.

Because of the highly individual aspect of this way of travelling, it won’t suit everybody. It is only for those people who want to come and visit and make friends and have a holiday at the same time.

I know the area, the people and the language. Plus we will be adding some fun and friendly atmosphere!

My passions in life are many – and they’re also pretty varied. I love meeting & helping people of course. I’m a firm believer in creating our own reality and using positive thinking techniques to get the best out of every situation. I love practising yoga, have delved into self hypnosis and meditation, am an avid animal lover and choose to follow a vegan lifestyle. I also teach English to young people, like learning languages, reading, writing & blogging, building websites (like this one). I’m an artist and I love to paint in oil; I enjoy playing the piano occasionally, working on self development, spirituality, walking in the countryside and sleeping!

Did I mention that I also enjoy learning new things and meeting new people lol? So you see, I’m kept busy with so many hobbies and passions. And that’s what I love most about offering you this opportunity to visit Andalusia in a way you love – flexibility and variety!

Welcome – I’m already looking forward to meeting you.

About Donald

Donald is originally from Amsterdam, though he spent most of his life in Castricum, a town about 30 minutes north of Amsterdam. Until 2009 that is, when he came to Andalusia on holiday and we met! That holiday was the beginning of a new life for us.

Donald runs a small real estate office but wanted to expand into another way of sharing the beauty of this country with people who aren’t necessarily looking to buy a house over here.

And so Explore Andalusia was born!

Donald has quite different likes to me – he loves all things motorbikes. He enjoys driving, meeting new people and having a good time with (both new and old) friends. He also enjoys walking in the beautiful countryside of Andalusia.

We are excited to have you on board!